BG attendance and RL seasons

| Thursday, November 26, 2009
Do people do AV more in the winter?
How about AB in the spring?
Is WSG a fall BG?
And who does not immediately think of glowing purple skies and capture the flag when the calender rolls over to summer?

I do think of AV as a winter BG. As it gets colder I think about it more. My first AV was in the winter. In the same pattern, my first WSG was in the fall. But these are not due to seasons, but simply that was the timing of when I started playing and the levels at which I could do the BGs.

Something about snow drifting past the window doesn't match with the sunny Arathi Basin. Nor does it match the torrential downpours. Those are spring weathers.

I imagine Blizzard has data on this, of BG attendance on a given day, and that could be matched up with the seasons. Maybe there's a pattern, but we don't have that data. :(

But I can ask you. Do you see any correlation between your BG attendance and the outside seasons?


Unknown said...

I don't see any correlation to be least not in my playing habits.

Of course this is all academic since I've not been able to get into AV since Bliz changed the system in the last big patch. Really annoying since I loved that game :(

Copperbird said...

I always think of AV over christmas because you can throw snowballs at people in there.

Klepsacovic said...

@steve.rimmer: Why can't you get in? That sounds like a terrible curse.

@Spinks: I miss the knockback snow balls.

Unknown said...

@Klepsacovic Ack ever since they made it so that there has to be two full teams before the battleground starts its been impossible to get a game.

Since the patch I always queue for AV and either AB or WG on login. However I've never got a game in AV since the changes.

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