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| Saturday, January 1, 2011
That's my guess at the number of posts I made last year. I'm almost certain that's more than I wrote for anything before high school, during high school, and in college, combined. Not counting my blogging during college. I can't believe I used to hate writing. It's strange what can happen when offered a topic of one's choosing with no pressure of due dates or grades. Or factual accuracy. I like that last one, though as a general rule I just avoid facts, not because I have any dislike of them, but purely due to laziness, since when I am using facts, I prefer to cite them if they're not obvious. Facts are just too much work. Maybe I could get a job in newscasting.

I decided to look back over my posts to find my favorites over the year. That got me very confused, because I scrolled down to the first posts in 2010 and found that I kept thinking I'd posted that just a few months ago. Either I am incredibly repetitive (I am), or I have a very distorted sense of time (I do), or both.

I've had a lot of fun over the year. I got to rant, rave, and generally say whatever I felt like.
I got to draw a funny picture.
I got to make ridiculous claims like "Supposedly blogs are about conversation." Obviously blogs are actually about someone who won't shut up finding a place where no one can make him shut up.
There was guild drama.
I pointed out one drop in the river of Gevlon's moronic ideas. Or I did this a few times, or more, until someone cried for their Beloved Leader.
The mystery of the Cheese Smuggling remains unresolved.
I laughed at the idea of tweeting, which of course I am now doing.
Blizzard finally recognized my insanity, a charge which I contest.
I picked up a troll and got called a fascist. Fun times. Then I tried to offer economic advice to farmers, which was clearly not allowed. And on that subject: To the great confusion of the anthropologists
The mysterious history of Klepsacovic the Troll Shaman was revealed.
I came back from India.
Since making an analogy of racism and private servers was so popular, I decided, why not set up noobs and Mexicans?
Sexism became the hip new thing, prompting some people to counter the counter-culture with a counter-counter-counter culture in which they went on and on about how sexism makes men get raped or something like that. I'm looking at you, Tam, and yes, I am intentionally misinterpreting your posts. So of course someone called me l... you know, that l word.
People believed that Texas was encouraging an abstinence-based approach to internet security.
Marwyn joins the Tea Party was just plain fun to write.
Speaking of fun, I spent more than a trivial amount of time attacking Europeans, in hopes of starting a world war to revitalize our economy.
Then I talked a lot about assholes and elitism.

I learned a bit over the year. I learned that google doesn't give me much in the way of useful information. View and reader counts are pretty much meaningless, telling me more about how many people were reading blogs in general than about the post itself. I saw spikes from links from more popular places, followed by drops, leading me to conclude more or less than anyone who wants to read this blog is and anyone who doesn't, isn't, so unless I plan to entirely change how I write and what I write about, who cares? I learned to write what I enjoy. Those who like it will like it and those who don't, won't. Nothing lost.

Yet I can't pretend that I would enjoy shouting into a vacuum. I like having readers. Even more, I like having commenters. Maybe they support an idea. Maybe they laugh along with me. Or maybe they point out flaws so I can remove them. Thanks to everyone who read and commented. While this blog exists to entertain me, I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy entertaining you as well. Or maybe trolling you.

Happy New Year.


Nikodhemus said...

Sadly, I am awake on New Years Day... awake enough to comment!

I gotta say, yours is one of the WoW blogs I read every day, yet I really couldn't begin to explain why... I read Gevlon because (once upon a time) he had great gold making advice, and some really interesting view points on life. I read Cold because he posts great, simple gold making tips. I read Ratshag because he's friggin funny and an excellent writer. I read Noisy Rogue because... well, I forget. Your stuff is always off the wall, not necessarily WoW related, but usually close enough to something I'm aware of that I can relate, and laugh.

Oh, and anyone with a blog post with the words 'Fuck you, Triangle' has got to be worth reading. I've written several blogs myself, but can never really find the time to keep them going more than a few months. Thanks for the laughs!

Weatherlight said...

Keep on trollin'

I love being trolled, especially when it's funny. Have a great 2011.

*Now going back to the "Reader's only Cave" for the rest of the year.*

Syl said...

"Or maybe trolling you."..

....now wait a minute, do you actually have a certificate for your trolls? I hope you do!

and I perceive my own blogging very much like yours, I'd like to connect to others and I'm happy about every comment the blog gets, but I write for myself too and I write about what I enjoy, find useful or funny. Ideally these two will come together. :)
I think if you lose that part and focus too much on content alone and what others might find a great read or guide, you lose something of your personality. I have a hard time personally to only stick to one topic or two on RM, that's just not how i am neither in wow or irl, there's a lot of variety in my interests and hobbies.

that said, I read all types of blogs exactly because of this, some more content focused for game info, others strictly for variety and entertainment. the ones I enjoy most are however always about the author - if you feel a connection with someone, enjoy their ideas or writing style, they can write about pretty much any topic.

I had a good laugh on your blog and found some very interesting or thought-provoking discussions over the past months, so all I can add is stay true to yourself and keep it up! =D

Syl said...

when I read your post title I thought this was gonna be about skilling up professions! =P

Klepsacovic said...

@Nikodhemus: Clearly you read it every day because otherwise your feedreader gets cluttered. At least that's why I read posts every day.

As for the triangle, it was exactly as much an asshole as I described.

@Weatherlight: Well I should hope it's funny! I can't stand a boring troll.

@Syl: A certificate? Is there a certification program that I missed? Oh damn. I'd hate to be an uncertified troll.

P.S. Misleading titles are all just part of the fun. :)

Syl said...

about the trolls - don't worry, we can help you:


we have the best of the lot, true story.
and I'll forgive you this once for having missed a post of such major importance.

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