It's not a pet, I just have a very long arm

| Monday, January 24, 2011
I've been having a blast with my frost mage. It reminds me a lot of when I used to play a warlock.

I'm so getting in trouble for that.

No really! What really defined the feeling for me on my warlock was the sense of control from multiple angles. I had fear and death coil. I also had curse of exhaustion, the nerfing of which caused me great sadness. I ran around in PvP with a Nifty Stopwatch and a Heart of Noxxion.

One moment please. I've been reading the comments on wowhead. I need some time to cry. First they nerfed it. Now the quest for it is gone. Anti-fun police, you win this round. And probably the next one too. Dicks. Oh what's that? The other trinket got buffed? OH YEA! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! But seriously, why did you have the destroy the stopwatch? Dicks.

Being able to remove crippling poison and sprint was uh, pretty damn awesome. Then snare the rogue right back and DoT him up! Well, I guess it was just corruption since my curse was taken up by exhaustion. But I had a DoT on him! Glorious days before cloak of might as well be divine shield for how much it wrecks casters. Oh yea, so my warlock always felt in control. Fear, deathcoil, snare, seduce or spell lock or voidwalker bubble, and worst cast scenario, drop an infernal on their head for another stun.

My mage has a similar feeling. I have lots of AoE roots. My main attack is a snare. My secondary attack is instant. My random proc attack is a snare. I even have divine shield. And meanwhile there is my water elemental firing off bolts. But the control part is its frost nova. It's that long arm all over again. I don't have to let enemies get dangerously close as with frost nova and cone of cold. Anywhere: stay there.

I have the keybindings set up so the elemental plays like part of my character, not a separate being. Placing the nova, telling it where to stand, what to attack, these are things that might be viewed as add complexities, pet management. To me, they're just part of my character. It's not a pet, I just have a very long arm.mag


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