Pretty Flower

| Friday, January 21, 2011
klepsacovic: I was thinking of a new engineering device
klepsacovic: called Pretty Flower
klepsacovic: I want to make a post about it
Iapetes: what would pretty flower do
klepsacovic: more or less the story is I was thinking about how much I hate all the teleportation and quick travel
klepsacovic: but as an engineer I love travel
klepsacovic: and I realized that as an engineer I want to be a unique and beautiful flower
klepsacovic: so the Pretty Flower device creates a random and unique flower pattern
klepsacovic: and then turns the engineer into said flower
klepsacovic: it does nothing else


Nat said...

WTB Pretty Flower.

Issy said...

Herbalism gets to be pretty flower.. and it is random.. it's not very unique though...
But it does have the added advantage that as it wasn't engineered, it probably won't make you explode instead :)

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