World of Warcraft: Setting the Standard for Terrible Customer Service

| Monday, January 17, 2011
We can think of a guild as a company. That makes officers the managers and members the employees. This leaves customers. Who are the customers? No, not the quest givers. They're an exception, not a standard.

The customers are the raid bosses that we kill only a weekly basis.

Worst customer interaction ever.


Anonymous said...

Clever thought but raid bosses aren't the customers.

What is the product or service the company delivers? We're not providing anything to the raid bosses; they'd be just fine if we never existed. Bosses are an obstacle to the "company's goals". Instead, the service we provide is killing internet dragons. Who buys dead internet dragons? NPCs, factions. They are a guild's customers and compensate us for a job well done. Boss loot is salvage. A bonus.

Klepsacovic said...
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