This Is Too Far or Are You -ing Kidding Me?

| Thursday, January 13, 2011
Rohan fails to properly express outrage.

This is no mere 17% loss of fun. This is far more than 17%.

Okay Blizzard, I'm going to say something that I think is obvious but you've apparently missed: swinging through the air is fun.

Remember the Sons of Hodir quest when we fly around on dragons fighting? Jumping protodrake to protodrake using a spear and chain was part of the fun.

Or there was the one heroic fight where we swing off an exploding burning ship and then jump back on and get right back into fighting, like total badasses. That one was awesome. Oh yea, heroic deadmines. By far my favorite heroic. And what do you do? YOU RUIN IT!

I'm going to ask this nicely. Are you -ing crazy? Are you -ing stupid? ARE YOU ONE OR BOTH OF THESE? IN OTHER WORDS, CRAZY AND/OR STUPID? I SAY YES.

I'm sorry, but when you remove one rope swing, where do you stop? Do you remove rope bridges? That would make STV pretty damn hard to navigate. Do you remove chains next? Ogrimmar would collapse within the seconds with no chains. Would priests lose the ability to shackle undead? Could that mean paladins losing the ability to turn undead? Could warlock fear by next? Entire removal of CC?

This is a slippery slope, Blizzard. It starts with one rope swing and before long you've eliminated everything. Server shutdown. Game over.

Think more about the unintended but also extremely unlikely consequences of your actions.


Shintar said...

Thanks for showing us how it's done!

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