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| Sunday, January 23, 2011
We've seen a few politicians propose amendments, laws, resolutions, and declarations that would mandate birth certificates be presented before being able to stand for election for the office of President. Some have even suggested Vice President. A few have even been written which do not explicitly cite as justification for the law "Barack Obama."

But these aren't the only laws seeking to amend imaginary problems after the fact. The states of Delaware, Rhode Island, and Connecticut have bills slowly moving through their houses which deny witches the ability to stand for statewide office. So far the bills have stalled or been repeatedly sent back for amendments and rewriting and are not expected to even go up for vote within six months.

In a surprising alliance, the American Civil Liberties Union and Christine O'Donnell have both come out strongly against the proposed laws. The ACLU argus that they violate the first amendment which establishes the separation of Church and State at the federal level and which has since trickled down to the state, while the former senatorial candidate has given no reason for her opposition.

In unrelated news, state national guard units have begun massing at the Illinois Wisconsin border. Neither state's governor could be reached for comment.


REDXX said...

Wait...a law about witches? As long as its not gender spcicfic I'm ok with it. Or racist.

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