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| Friday, January 21, 2011
I decided that taking part in a flame war is not proper conduct at a civilized place like the Pink Pigtail Inn. In light of that, I have deleted my comments there and copied them to a post backdated to fall just before this one. Feel free to argue about it there. Oh, but note that I said argue. Being a retarded monkey troll will not be tolerated.

Us bitter veterans had completely unreasonable expectations. Cataclysm was perfectly predictable, doing what LK did but more: rep for anything and everything, easy quests, and phasing out the wazoo. To have expected anything else was stupid. I admit it, I was stupid.


@Redbeard: "you can still do things the old fashioned way. Nobody is stopping you."
I made a little post to explain how stupid that was.

@Rilgon Arcsinh: You make a good point. Any dissatisfaction with the current system much mean that I want to slide backward to absurd extremes.


@Redbeard: I'll take it you didn't read it.
The new random anonymous system has pushed most of the population away from any sort of organized group. The ability to make a friends list is not the same as having an available pool of people to put on that list. The people out in a zone are of a much smaller pool than was in a global LFG system and are less likely to be in that zone to find instance groups, after all, they have separated themselves from the larger population of the cities.

So yes, it is a stupid comment, because it completely fails to acknowledge that "able to do something" and "theoretically able to do something but the entire system is set up to discourage it" are different things.


@Redbeard: What part of "the entire system is set up to discourage this behavior" are you not understanding?

How about this, the government wants us to eat more rice, so they put a 100% tax on wheat and corn. We can still eat wheat and corn, but we are paying a much higher cost, a cost which may make wheat and corn no longer worth it, even if we prefer wheat to rice. They didn't ban wheat, but they did make it prohibitively expensive in an attempt to shape consumption. Wheat-eaters would be justifiably upset and saying "it wasn't banned, get a second job and you can afford it" is not any fix at all.

I'm not sure which one Spiritus was aiming at, but he seems to have hit the "if you exaggerate ever it means that the reality is the complete opposite" nail.


We don't seem to be on the same page. I am not, and never have, advocated a return to retail. If I make comparisons between the then and now it is to highlight good and bad points and to show the costs and benefits of changes. I'm not sure why you're putting so much effort into attempting to feel superior to a weeping strawman in your mind, but it's rather disturbing and perhaps you should get some help for that.

As for my "offputting behavior", you have absolutely no clue how I act in game. People who make stuff up are usually called liars.


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