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| Thursday, January 6, 2011
I've gotten used to it by now, tanking with the new paladin prot tree, but this one teensy tiny little itsy bitsy problem remains: my interrupt is on the GCD. In practical terms this isn't really a problem. Most casts that I really need to interrupt, I'm thinking of the shock on the one boss in Throne of the Tides, are long enough that I can still get the interrupt. And of course there are so many other classes with interrupts these days, so in theory I never need to interrupt.

But in theory I am perfectly of sound mind. In practice: no. You see, I have ASCS: Avenger's Shield Cooldown Syndrome*. When fighting casters I am nervous. On edge. Twitchy and distracted. Every time I press a button I hesitate, then nervously press it and cringe, because this might be the time that I trigger the GCD when I needed my interrupt.

On average I will have an interrupt very often, thanks to Grand Crusader 2/2 giving a 20% chance on CS or HotR to reset the CD. I should be able to spam away for aggro. But then it might be on cooldown when I need it. Odds are it won't, but odds are if the odds go against me that bad things will happen.

So I cry.

Someday I hope for an answer to the mystery: why does Grand Crusader put a buff on me that does nothing?


Celendus said...

Maybe the buff is needed to trigger the in-game power aura?

Anonymous said...

Hail Blizzard I guess, Rebuke will be a paladin baseline ability in 4.0.6 ;-)

Klepsacovic said...

@Celendus: I think that's it. Still makes me laugh.

@Anonymous: So we get an off-GCD interrupt and our perpetually resetting silence shield? I predict something gets nerfed within two weeks.

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