It's the spam, stupid

| Tuesday, October 19, 2010
I've noticed a trend in discussions of crafting in relation to WoW: Any time a new system is suggested that is more interactive than auto-craft, someone argues that it is a terrible idea because we do so much crafting. That's all backward! If we can't have a fun crafting system because there's too much spam crafting, the problem is the spam crafting, not the fun.

That's all.


SlikRX said...

I would guess there are 2 reasons that contribute hugely:

1 - "fun" (and/or challenging) crafted items take (or can take) a lot of time, gold and patience to craft (see Frostmourne)

2 - *Rapid* gear inflation renders them essentially worthless, considering the cost to make. (again, see Frostmourne, on ~December 21st)

I would guess (since I didn't play) that crafted items had a lot of staying power and long term value back in vanilla. But since content progression has sped up, everything gets left behind like an empty FOAM Big Mac container.

Glyph, the Architect said...

I think the problem is the two are contradictory. Some players want crafting to be fun. But they've gotten so used to clicking a button and then walking away to make a sandwich that they can't imagine doing it another way.

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