Don't cut the trim

| Friday, October 22, 2010
This isn't about wow, but feel free to figure out the hidden meaning that I missed.

Let's say you're installing trim and there's an outlet nearby. The outlet is too close, so the cover actually overlaps, meaning that something has to be cut. Do yourself a favor; cut the outlet cover. When cutting the trim to fit the cover it is harder to create a good fit and looks awful. Cutting the cover is quick, easy, and often not even noticable. Even better, if you decide to change things, it's cheap to get a new cover and trivial to install it.

In related news, I'm computer-sick after less than 12 hours. I miss my computer and all the fun it provides. All there is here is TV and I can only stand so much of it.


Treats said...

We miss you too!

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