Fun! Boring. Fun!

| Thursday, October 7, 2010
Acceptable Losses (the guild I made with some awesome friends from an old guild) formed up again for another crack at ICC, since the previous run was cut short by sleep requirements. A few PUGs filled up the 10 man (though they were with us earlier, so they're really only half-PUG people at this point), since we don't have 10 people yet. We're small. So off we went to finish up what we could.

We found ourselves on Blood Council. Somehow dying. The juggler kept running out of health. So I figured, why not try some stupid things? This was the same logic used by FDR and it got us out of the Depression, so who am I to be too good for stupid ideas? And so we dropped our second tank (me) and just had the warrior hold Valanar and Taldaram. Then we stuck me on juggling duty. I tended to have 4, but sometimes got up to 6. I can't say it's especially hard, but it was fun to move around in something other than a Mario dance. Paladins are definitely not ideal for this, but it worked well enough. The elves died. Again. Deaded.

So a fun fight for me.

Then we went to Blood Queen. The good news was that we one-shotted her. The bad news was that I have never tanked something so incredibly boring since... well never. That is a really boring fight to tank.

Onward to Sindragosa. 5% on our first attempt. Things went downhill from there. We did somehow pull out a kill on our fifth attempt with the raid nearly dead. A few achievements popped up for the few people who had never been there at all.

The PUG druid got loads of loot, same as last time. I got shoulders that are a bit better for tanking. We didn't do anything much brag-worthy, considering it's 10 man with a few people overgeared and a 30% buff.

But it was fun.


Syl said...

Acceptable Losses....possibly the greatest guild name of all time?

Severin said...

As a tank, your fights in ICC are Lady, Rotface (if on oozes), Professor, the Council, Valithria and Mr.Arthas. Other encounters could be tanked by bots.
Want real challenge? Go tank Halion in Twilight realm.

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