Ignorance is Bliss

| Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I'm really enjoying not understanding my paladin anymore. My bars needing retuning to fit with the new way to use attacks. It's taking some mental rewiring to imagine that divine storm isn't the core of my rotation, but instead an AoE finishing move. Now exorcism is a major ability, seeming to take the place of DS as my random damage proc. CS spam reminds me a little too much of a rogue with sinister strike, but the rest of it seems different enough, or at least fun.

P.S. Any comments with theorycraft will be deleted.


Cassandri said...

Hey I saw your fancy new Holy Power bar. At least it's pretty?

Issy said...

Lights.. shiny shiny lights.. must press.. shiny

SlikRX said...

You're the second Ret I've run into that seems to like it. Most others (myself included) are not that happy.

I know that if I wanted to play a rogue (combo points) I would have rolled one.


Tam said...

I'm exactly the same way with my priest - flailing around, pressing all the shiny buttons. It's a good feeling :)

Crusader Sev said...

thankfully my Holy specs weren't as different as relearning Ret was. Now I just need to figure out how to bear tank again.

the new Holy Power use reminded me of playing a Rogue too, I actually feel like I am constantly pressing buttons, rather than waiting for abilities to come off of cooldonwn.

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