Reasonable Post Day appears to have been a complete failure

| Sunday, October 31, 2010
It appears that Reasonable Post Day was a total failure. Maybe I failed to reach out to other bloggers and the idea was simply lost. But the one post I did find gave me a worrying thought: maybe we bloggers have no ability to comprehend how irrational, biased, and unreasonable we are so much of the time. Maybe it's not even a blogger thing, that everyone is just lost in a world of opinion replacing fact.

I'm not saying I'm an example of reasonable blogging. I know that the vast majority of my posts are based on opinion and my own experience, without necessarily being at all representative of what a majority of players think, or even any players. But I hope that I managed to present my opinions as opinions, my suspicions as suspicious, and when I wander into the realm of theory, I hope I'm honest with myself and everyone who reads that it's all theory, meaning it should be subject to critical opinion and is quite possibly wrong.

Ironically, this post might not even be reasonable. Whiny perhaps, but I can't claim it's entirely reasonable. Or at all.

I think it comes from an illogical assumption that opinions cannot be wrong. It's a funny world where facts are disputed, but call it an opinion and now it's untouchable because opinions can't be wrong. Or can they? Opinions come from somewhere: some mix of fact, logic, and flawed wiring in the human brain. The flawed wiring, well we can't do much about that: humans are simply not rational, not a single one. We can put on a good talking show, but in action, doesn't happen. But we can at least start with facts and attempt to mix in some logic.

For example...

I had an example. I think it was a good one. But I expect it would have merely become a distraction. I've tried more examples, and none seemed safe. So I'll just go with this: if an opinion is based on incorrect information, it's wrong. Okay, example: John McDonald is a total douchebag. Who, you ask? Well duh, he's the guy who invented Fascism and taught Hitler (quick, who was fascist first?) Actually I just made that up, so if you were calling John McDonald a douchebag for spreading Fascism, well sorry, but you're wrong. Also, I made him up.

Maybe we all thought whiny posts were a change of pace while reasonable posts would be business as usual. Or Saturdays just aren't a popular posting day, regardless of the topic or failed originator. Yea, that second one is way better for my ego.

Happy Halloween.

P.S. If you wrote a reasonable post and it isn't the one I found already, please post a link here or send an email.


jeffo said...

I wouldn't consider it a failure. I suspect that most bloggers are of the belief that their daily, weekly, or whenever-they-happen-to-get-to-it posts (like mine) are perfectly reasonable. Whiny post day? Ooh, fun, I get to do something that I never do! Reasonable post day? Why bother? I'm reasonable all the time! In this line of thinking, why bother participating in something you do normally all the time?

Shintar said...

Yep, I think that last paragraph about sums it up. I thought about participating but then also thought, well, I always try to be reasonable, so what would be different? Plus hardly anyone posts (or reads, apparently) on weekends.

Dwism said...

I just miseed the memo. sorry

Anonymous said...

I was going to make a post, though I don't think I do TOO much whining. ;) But then I got sick and was passed out or throwing up all day. ><

Anonymous said...

All of my posts are reasonable :D

Zelmaru said...

Sorry, I had totally meant to do this, but following around a sugared-up toddler all weekend in a Tinkerbell Costume (her not me) makes one QUITE UNREASONABLE.

Klepsacovic said...

@jeffo: Maybe I should have named it "Extra-Reasonable Post Day"

@Shintar: I'll give you a pass on this one.

@Dwism: I'll make sure you get a copy of that memo.

@azerothapple: Nothing cures disease like sitting in front of a computer screen all day. Excuse denied.

@We Fly Spitfires: Psh.

@Zelmaru: That's the problem with the younguns you give them one piece of candy and you triple their blood sugar. The trick is to give even more to trigger a faster high-crash cycle and then they pass out.

Christian Clark said...

Well, Klep, I would post reasonable stuff, but that wouldn't be congruent with my stance as being a hard-line, unmoving, Horde-degrading Alliance pundit.

I just need to think of a good idea for a post to prove my punditry.

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