GC hates DPS: True Story

| Saturday, October 16, 2010
While searching for the meaning of life I stumbled across this.

Dungeon Finder is a great part of the game. But its existence isn't going to cause us to design everything for the lowest common denominator. If you get a bad player in your group, give them some pointers. If they refuse to listen, kick them. If you can't kick them, then bail. You're a tank -- your queue is short. They have a lot more to lose.

Actually it doesn't say at all what my title implies, but I found it interesting anyway.

And yes, I know it's not new. I don't do news. I do recent olds.


Unknown said...

It's the truth. I don't get the problem. It's one thing to tolerate people who don't know better and have a desire to learn, it's another thing to tolerate those that just don't care. The former improves the community, the latter makes it worse.

Mike ... said...

So what do you do if you get a bad tank?

Either put up with them or sit in the queue for another 10 minutes+.

What do you do if you *are* a bad tank?

Nothing. You'll either get booted, in which case you'll pick up a different group in seconds, or the rest of the group will carry you.

If the group complains about your tanking then tell them to watch their aggro and/or criticize their dps/healing.

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