Major ret DPS loss in 4.0

| Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I have no clue what the theorycrafted numbers are for ret DPS, but I do know one thing: there are going to be a whole lot of paladins with no clue what to do, including me.


JThelen said...

If there's a loss in DPS, then it's going to be player based. I've mentioned this on the official forums, but Ret DPS is all about Holy Power(HoPo). So, here's a rough priority:

3HoPo Templar's Verdict
Crusader Strike
Art of War Exorcism
Anything else that can gen HoPo

Personally, I saw a modest increase in DPS on the dummies (Gaudin-Blackhand US), up about 250 from where I was at. I don't pay much attention to my ret gear though, so it's not by any means optimal or really even properly enchanted. But there is definitely the opportunity for a DPS increase.
Anything that can generate

Dwism said...

If you haven't tested or read up on your class, then yea, you are going to experience a dps loss. I think most classes have this issue and not just ret-paladins.
I think you will find just as many hunters confused about how to pew, than you are going to find rets. Just to name one class.
Maybe it's time... you know.. that you tested your class out, and found out how it works. Just a thought :p

Mike ... said...

Gave up playing my ret. If I wanted to manage combo points, I mean Holy Power I would have rolled a rogue.

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