| Thursday, October 7, 2010
Talking about gaming:
I would speculate they make one less productive person ( for example you clearly intelligent guy, going as far as maintaining blog, imagine all that was directed to something like day trading !)

Or maybe it was intentionally ironic.

More on this next week!

But in the meantime, how many hobbies do you have with something to show for them? Now think again, is it the hobby itself or the way you interact with it? I believe WoW could be useful for mental development if a person engaged it in a useful manner. Similarly, chess can develop the mind, unless you never consider strategy or tactics and just sort of shove pawns around the board. That would be utterly useless, but it's not the fault of chess that you play stupidly.


Anonymous said...

I do think that the downsides of day trading if it all goes horribly wrong are worse than the downsides of gaming.

jeffo said...

The GM of a guild I was in was a day trader. His values were reflected in the guild tabard, which depicted massive stacks of gold. He was a nutjob.

Syl said...

I actually hope it's ironical...calling one of the great capitalist roots of evil a better thing than playing wow would be reaching new heights of baffling.
and I wouldn't know where to start when talking about all the pros of gaming, guess I really have to write that post soon.

In response to some of what you mentioned yourself - I've only just read a study the other day that deals with gamers remarkable reaction times. I tried to tell my mates at school that whenever I pwned them in hockey, but they never believed me back then! =/

Syl said...

This link might come handy btw - will remember it myself next time I got complete strangers trying to tell me I am a drug addict:

jeffo said...

Hah hah, so not only are you a drug addict, you're also a herald of the Anti-Christ!

Wait, so am I....

Klepsacovic said...

@Spinks: Even worse, a successful gaming session gives some fun and maybe friends. A good day trading session is honest investors have to deal with inflated prices.

@jeffo: I'm against leeching and so was Jesus, but I play WoW so I follow the Antichrist. I appear to be a swing voter in the race between Heaven and Hell. Man, the two-party system is such BS.

@Syl: When you say pwned I hope you don't mean killed them with your hockey stick.

Syl said...

what if they deserved it?? =D

Zahraah said...

I still have my flute from when I was a flautist and can play it having not touched in it 12 months, and still be at decent skill level. I have my two swords I used when learning sword, but can only remember the flicking off , of the blood move ( chiburi ) the 1st basic stance, and the cut so you don't chop a leg off. 4 and a bit years of Kungfu, and I can only remember the 1st form I ever learned, Netball gave me bad knees, but I would count blogging as a hobby, and I have a lot to show for that. I think my style has improved, oh, from wow, I am learning what part of the US people are from, from their accents on vent.

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