Someone else also read my mind and conveniently provided an example of saying stupid shit

| Friday, October 1, 2010
It's sad the way they have 'dumbed down' raids to the point where all you have to do to be COMPLETELY AWESOME is show up and stay out of fires and run away from baddies.

I wish they would make it more complicated than it is currently, but sure as (*&& there's going to be an army of spoiled raiders coming in here to rate me down just because I want to make it harder for them.

Getting epics used to mean you were good. Now all it means is that you played enough hours to get there.

That being said, this actually wasn't a bad item to have. I wish I could get the pattern on my Blood elf.

If anyone on any server gets this, Please contact Nomiconn on Turalyon-US Horde. I will see about buying it from you, and then transferring that toon to Turalyon.

This was a comment about the pattern for Flarecore Wraps.
Farming FR gear or mats for crafted FR gear required no skill. Getting epics frequently did not mean you were good, but just that the raid needed some more bodies and the RNG had blessed the raid with more class X gear than it actually needed, meaning you were good enough to be worth more than a shard.

I actually like the concept of resist gear. But let's not trick ourselves into thinking that removing resist fights dumbed down WoW, single quotes or not.


Shintar said...

Yeah, resist fights weren't particularly fun and mostly there to provide an artificial obstacle to slow you down, but looking at the way things are going now, I don't think that's any worse than unlocking bosses one by one. At least farming and crafting resist gear gave you something to do.

Syl said...

to be honest, the resi-gear grind is one of the things I really never missed since vanilla. it's an okay concept that you should need to bring certain items, gear, food, whatever to a specific encounter in order to beat it, but vanilla overdid that imo. there's better ways to implement this.

Tesh said...

"Now all it means is that you played enough hours to get there."

That is the prime metric of WoW; time spent. Anyone believing otherwise just isn't paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask the person(s) who thinks the raids have been "dumbed down" so much just one question: How is your Hardmode LK 25 kill coming along?

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