Ulduar, alts, challenges, and frustration

| Sunday, May 24, 2009
I'd promised to help a friend with Ulduar 10, so last night the raid finally formed and we set out. I originally was going to elaborate more, but I was getting into that thing where I have nothing to say, so I say it a lot. So, summary:
We died a lot. We made progress. It was fun. I was outrolled on a huge upgrade (compared to a much smaller one) to my ret weapon, which would be fine since it's a PUG, except that the higher roll was by a guildy. This did not surprise me much.

I played my druid a bit, got a couple levels. I also played my hunter and also got a couple levels. This morning I joined an Uldaman PUG. The other hunter was stupid and left early on, probably for the best. The shaman left. A priest joined. The ret paladin tank left. We finished the run with a pre-40 shadow priest, my hunter, and a holy priest. It is not practical to tank 8 mob pulls with a ferocity pet. However it was fun and I was really happy when we downed the last boss. It's good to see that some people don't run away from challenge.

In frustration: Ulduar 10 seems much better than 25. I suspect this is because for 10 we picked people rather than struggling to get 25 and ending up going with 23-24, some of whom are terrible. I think I'm done trying to do Ulduar 25 with my guild. I'm giving some consideration to finding a better guild since it seems to be dying.

Further frustration: I don't do well with long family events. Anything past three hours gets annoying. When it gets to be around four and a half and someone says we should get going and then we don't leave for another 45 minutes, that pisses me off. Unfortunately RL does not have the option to pull the network cable and then play an alt.

Tomorrow I'm helping my brother paint his basement. Some people will be going to sales. Aren't we supposed to be spending at least some of the day off remembering people who died for our country?

Have a good Monday.


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