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| Saturday, May 2, 2009
If you're anything like me, you cringed when you saw this was part of the Children's Week meta. Take heart! It's not all that bad. I have a few tips to make it easier.

1) Remember to have your orphan out.
2) The orphan is critical to success, remember to have it out.
3) Put the orphan whistle on your bars in order to facilitate remembering to have your orphan out.

Follow these tips and I'm sure you can avoid the mistakes I made.

The achievement took around three hours, including some interruptions. If not for my forgetfulness and distraction, I think I could have gotten it done in two or less.

By increasing difficulty, I'd rank them as EotS-AB-WSG-AV. None of these are truly hard, but are instead various mixes of opportunity and competition. AV has few chances per BG, a lot of competition, and BGs take a while. In contrast EotS is faster, had many chances to carry and capture the flag, and has fewer people.

If you're willing to play 'wrong' in order to increase your chances at the achievement parts, consider these tactics:
AV: Don't defend your attacks, but instead allow recaps for more chances to attack.
AB: The second person to a defended node has the advantage. Ninjaing a poorly defended node is more rewarding than ever. I learned this after I parachuted into the mine to find nothing but a squishy hunter.
EotS: Defend the center to allow everyone a chance at the flag.
WSG: Let the other team get to your flag, and then do horrible things to them.

Good luck!

P.S. Don't forget your orphan.


Kiryn said...

I actually found Eye of the Storm the hardest, because in my battlegroup I guess the Horde was taking extra effort to have most of their team camping the center at all times. After a few games, I eventually got my chance.

For AV, my only tip is... have your orphan out. No seriously, I mounted up and ran a beeline straight for the East and West Frostwolf towers, and was the first one there, but discovered that I couldn't summon my orphan in combat. Luckily, as a night elf, Shadowmeld saved the day.

For AB, it was easy to get... just run as FAST AS YOU CAN, straight to the mine or lumber mill.

Warsong Gulch was pretty fun though... just played defense for a few games and I got it.

Overall it only took a few hours. And it made me discover how much fun it is to PvP as a boomkin. I think I'm going to change my boomkin offspec into a PvP spec =)

Dorgol said...

I would rank EotS as most difficult, as well.

AV has 4 flags and 40 players - thus 10 people per flag (in theory).
AB has 5 flags and 30 players - thus 6 people per flag.
WSG has 1 flag and 20 players - 20 people on the flag.
EotS has 1 flag and 30 players - 30 people on the flag.

I joined EotS and watched as 12 people from my team went straight to the middle with their little kid trailing them. The horde, on the other hand, played the game to win and annihilated us with 3 towers (and amazingly enough - still captured the flag most of the time).
The next EotS was the opposite in the extreme as the Alliance won with 4 towers, the horde getting zero points, AND we won in under 6-minutes (gogo Achievements).

Overall, the fear the most people had regarding this Achievement really felt out of place. Maybe I'm just more comfortable with the thought of PvP seeing as I'm on a PvP server.

Klepsacovic said...

@Kiryn: It depends on battlegroup and faction. I bet if I asked the Horde they'd say it's incredibly easy. I'm glad to see that the event helped you discover PvP. I found that it made me reconsider my apathetic stance towards PvP.

@Dorgol: The straight numbers don't give the full picture, since you have a much better chance with the 1/20 odds of WSG when there are a dozen or more flag drops per game.

Overall I agree that the fear does seem exaggerated. Maybe it is a carebear thing, I know I was very worried when I first saw them.

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