Do I not like raiding?

| Monday, May 18, 2009
Maybe it's my guild.

I feel like it's a lot of wiping. It's a lot of people being stupid. It's a lot of frustration.

I'm just not feeling the incentives anymore. Learning? I don't feel like we're learning. Gear? My ret gear is in most need of improvement, but since it's only my secondary I have barely any chance to get upgrades. They go to the main spec DPS so they can get small upgrades. Am I being a loot whore? Maybe, after all, it's not like I use it on half the fights. Social? Half the people annoy me, the other half are quiet.

Sorry about all the negative posts lately. I am actually feeling pretty good, except for raiding. Maybe I just don't like raiding. Maybe there are lots of people who don't actually like it, but feel like its what they are supposed to do. I think I'll focus on my alts for a bit and give raiding a break.


Kiryn said...

I came to that conclusion. I found half of my raidmates annoying and it was frustrating having to explain the simplest things so many times. Never got the upgrades I REALLY wanted, and didn't like how tired I was having to raid for 3-4 straight hours immediately after coming home from work.

But it always felt like raiding is what I'm "supposed" to be doing. What's the point of getting better gear if I'm not gearing up for raids? If I just force myself to believe "there are no such things as raids" then my best-in-slot items become far more accessible and I'm having a lot more fun.

I liked seeing Naxx, and maybe someday I'll check out Ulduar too just to see the place. But for now, it's time for a break =P

Klepsacovic said...

@Kiryn: Your rhetorical questions about raids mirror some of the ones I had before I boycotted arenas at the start of WotLK: why would I spend a ton of time doing something I don't enjoy to gear up for something I don't enjoy?

A ton of people were missing tonight so the scheduled raid never happened. One of the higher officers asked if I was still interested in raider status, I said no. She asked why, I said because raiding stopped being fun. She didn't have any more questions, which seemed strange.

Stabs said...

Most people are highly loot motivated. What may work for you is a change of mainspecs if your guild can accomodate that. It would give you a different perspective on the fights as well as the chance to collect gear again.

As a tank DK in a guild where we have lots of new people I share your pain with regard to "offspec" gear. I can't even do a heroic because there will be blue-geared dpsers who need stuff and I feel like a bit of a heel if I demand something they need.

Green Armadillo said...

Raiding means a bunch of time waiting on other people. Sometimes that's literal - AFK breaks, or raids starting late due to late arrivals. Sometimes it's figurative, a wipe that would have happened whether you performed your job 100% perfectly or went AFK. For most of the players in a group, especially DPS, a lot of other things have to fall into place before you can even discover if there is a correctable error that you are making that could improve the raid's chances (at which point it will be your turn to have everyone wait on you).

Either way, it can get frustrating. This is a part of the reason why even the highly favorable time-reward ratio in Naxx-25 isn't enough to convince me to spend more effort on the content.

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