Proof that WG is a success

| Friday, May 15, 2009
I planned to go to bed about an hour and a half ago. But they were yelling about needing reinforcements. So there I go. Horde were on defense and playing a bit less well than usual, but we managed to win. I got the tower daily done for my first time.

We cleaned up some stragglers afterward. Then I decided to go look for more. I saw a low level draenei paladin. Free honor! Or it was bait for a rogue. But hey, no problem, two melee, I'm prot! Then a DK showed up and it started getting ugly. I ended up burning lay on hands and my bubble but the DK and paladin were dead. I was one hit away from dying to the rogue when suddenly he goes flying away, death gripped by a Horde DK. And then cheapshotted by the DK's rogue friend. I thanked them and went looking for more fun.

Around the fire area I found more fun, including a mage who I of course killed, though not without having to look for him after he popped invis at around 25%. Then I ran into some hunters near the eastern Alliance graveyard. They were some trouble because they kept running back to the guards who would then MS me. A ret paladin showed up and helped, resulting in them dying a lot until the mage turned up again. After these there was a consistent theme: HoJ was always just barely too slow to interrupt polymorph. In other words, almost completely wasted.

Still, we managed to get in some kills before we got sick of them running to the guards. We went back to the fire area for some more killing, found the mage, killed him, killed the hunters, killed some elementals who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then the paladin had to go, so I was alone. At this point my luck went way down as I kept ending up facing the mage and a hunter or two at the same time, and HoJ was still late. After a couple hunter kills and a few deaths which I declared to be BS, I ran around for some ore before hearthing. The hunter liked spamming emotes, but unfortunately my attempt to report it was foiled by the long queue. Oh well. If I'm lucky he's a gold-buyer and he'll be banned for that. In fact, I think I'll just believe that and declare myself the victor on all fronts. Woo hoo!

This is a great thing. The rewards I got from the PvP were minimal for the time invested: a few gold from looting corpses and maybe a few hundred honor. There was little reward, except for the fun of it. I spent at least an hour hunting Alliance and no NPC told me to or offered epics. Admittedly I was in the zone because the battle gives a ton of honor in addition to shards and gold, but why stay? The farming is safer and faster elsewhere. I stayed because it was fun. That is the best measure of success.

Apparently WG is such a huge success that the devs want people to go there less. This almost seems like a pattern for Blizzard. When WoW first launched it ended up being way more popular than anticipated and there weren't enough server resources. World PvP became popular and then the problem became worse, so they put people in BGs. Now WG is too popular, so they want us back in BGs again. I'd not mind if there was a comparable BG, but sadly AV is a shell of its former self and I hate EotS.

In unrelated news, I joined a very good Naxx 25 PUG earlier in the day. We did a full clear, I won a piece of gear for each spec: holy chest, prot wrists, ret ring. Sadly I was outrolled on both weapons that dropped, including Betrayer of Humanity. I guess I'll be using my heroic axe for a while longer. And I tanked H UK just for the hell of it. It was the daily and after spending the day seeing trade and lfg filled with desperate calls for tanks, I figured I'd help out. The healer was new and the rogues liked to hug bombs, but we did alright.

In related news, I think Stabs was right. Playing less has caused me to have a lot more fun. Granted I pretty much played all day today, but in the week before I was playing a lot less than usual. I'll talk more about this later, I think it could be interesting.


Stabs said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying things more. I suspect that mixing up what you do is a solid part of liking the game more. Would you have "wasted" a day having fun back when you were playing more hardcore?

I've always like world pvp best of all in WoW and WG during off hours does capture that feel of STV or early days Halaa again.

Klepsacovic said...

I never really 'wasted' time back then, partially because what I really loved was AV and that was such a good source of honor. I wish they'd not nerfed it. :(

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