The faces... stop staring at me! Stop smiling at me!

| Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Damn you, cereal boxes with your pictures smiling happy people eating your contents. They creep me out. The eyes never move, and yet they always follow. They smile endlessly, as if they know something you don't, or don't know anything. Why must they taunt me so?

I can turn the box around, but what about when I have to pour more? Someone opened the bag on the wrong side, so I must turn back to the faces, the horror, if I want more cereal. I can turn the bag, but sometimes it settles and get too wide to fit properly, so then I have to shake the box up and down to get the cereal to spread again. I know they are still there on the other side, smiling at my fingers as I hold the box.

Madness is no way to start the day.


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