Towel Service

| Saturday, May 9, 2009
This afternoon while eating lunch I had a realization: there is an unfilled demand in the world. It came up in conversation that I did not know the exact location of my towel. As we all know, it is important to know where your towel is.

Technology would dictate an expensive and impractical solution, such as a GPS device embedded in the towel.

Behavior-oriented people would say to always leave your towel in the same place, such as a drying rack.

Ideally though, you wouldn't just think you know where it is, you would know where it is. How? You'd carry it with you! But how is that practical? Towels are bulky. That's when it struck me: make a towel into a bag.

Here's the service idea:
Mail in a towel and money. Or mail the towel and send money electronically. Maybe I could make a store in a major city as a centralized service location to save the mailing.
Also pick the style of bag. The cheapest is a simple fold over, stitch the sides, and cut out handles. Other styles would be significantly more expensive.

There you go, instant customer satisfaction and a major boost to their confidence. Who would dare mess with someone who is not only stylish, but also has their towel with them?


William said...

it just feels like you're channeling Douglas Adams here lol. Nice post.

Klepsacovic said...

I might, but you must consider that I have tea rather than something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. Therefore, thank you.

Kromus said...

lolol. Towel service. Hmm.

Don't wash- saves even more money....


WTFspaghetti said...

Are you smoking those wacky cigs again Klep?

The only thing I thought while reading your post was

"This dude is blowed out of his mind"

Not that I care, stoners ftw


Klepsacovic said...

@Kromus: Gross...

@thedoctor: I've never smoked pot. I'm not against it, but I don't have enough interest. I don't consider it worth my time or money.

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