How to misuse good advice

| Thursday, May 7, 2009
The other day I expressed some frustration with my recent time in WoW. It was suggested by Larisa that I try something different than normal.

Roleplay: As I write this I am thinking "I don't know who I would roleplay with... oh wait, I have some RL friends on a RP server!"

Change faction: I suppose I could jump over to my warlock again, but I'm very bad at different servers. It's the mailboxes: they're my banks and I have to constantly manage them or risk losing hundreds of gold worth of items.

PvP: Hmm... we shall leave this for later, oooh, ominous forebodingness!

Silly achievements: Good idea, but followed by "something you don't normally do", so that's out the window, since silly achievements are my standard way of playing. On a related note: I spent a few thousand gold on more elementium ore, the end result is a useless scepter and a ring to breath underwater. Woo, AQ!

So PvP...

Events seem to have worked out well for this. My warrior friend has been pondering his gear and weapons recently, specifically his inability to upgrade anything without a total set conversion due to stat juggling. The arena weapon would apparently get around this. So, that means arenas! I yelled at him for being realistic and pointing out that we're unlikely to get the needed rating. Me, considering arenas? See what a cruel idea she placed in my mind?

The next event led to a much less terrible thing: ganking. There I was on my hunter in STV when a dwarf zooms past and start shooting everything in sight. He stole my kill! Hm. Well then. My paladin ran over from Dalaran and did mean things to him and his flagged friend. Should I feel bad? I think not! The friend was not flagged by the time I got there, instead he attacked me. I eventually let him go, I suspect the hunter logged. Woo, empty hunting area!

It was a fun day. My priest killed Vrykul. My warrior hit 69 and is fully rested the rest of the way. He leveled a little bit more by exploring all of Northrend. Two of my friends had never seen the Frost Shock video (it's very old) so I had them watch it. I believe it is required watching for all shamans and paladins.


LarĂ­sa said...

I'm glad you seem to have got some spark back! I think about EVERYTHING in the game can be fun if it's a change for you and you approach it with an open, playful mind.

Mister K said...

I love the Frost Shock video! Classic

Klepsacovic said...

@Larisa: I'm not sure the poor draenei understood the playfulness though. :P

@Mister K: It's a favorite of mine.

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