Ding! Damn.

| Sunday, May 17, 2009
My warrior hit 80 this afternoon during a HoS run. Cool right? Well, now I don't know what to do. I'm bad with max level alts. He has nowhere to go except on the gear path. Yay? It's fun to get upgrades, but what's the point? I don't plan to make him my main. My guild doesn't need my warriors. I don't need another tank/DPS; I have a prot/ret paladin.

I suppose I can still max out his BS.

Maybe he can be my selfish generosity alt. What is selfish generosity? It's doing thing that seem nice, but only because you've figured out how to benefit from it. When people need a tank or DPS and I don't see any benefit to my paladin, I can go on my warrior.

Alts give the same problem as hybrids, but worse. The problem with hybrids is that they have multiple roles, but they need different gear for all of them. Inevitably the main spec is better off than the rest, unless the guild really likes giving you lots of gear. Alts are the same. When they get gear it means your main didn't get the gear. They tend to fall behind unless you're constantly running older content to keep them just barely with the curve. But I don't think I have the energy to keep my paladin doing Naxx 25 PUGs, guild Ulduar 25 runs, plus dailies and all the old world stuff I do, along with taking my warrior to heroics and Naxx 10.

Wouldn't it be cool if all gear was BoA? If I remember (I forgot last time I said this), I'll look at alternative loot systems more in the future.


Ngita said...

I allways find "full" epics is a good point to stop, be it MC,ZG and PVP or kara, badge and crafted gear or Naxx, emblem and heroic gear. It helps with the next expansion and if random invite for something fun comes up you can pretty much handle it. But then I like group content, be it 5 man or 25.

But my hard and fast rule is I must not do acheivements for achievements sake on my alts and that includes reps.Mind you Uldaar 10 has been awfully tempting recently as well:(

Klepsacovic said...

I think I'll play it as a way to get the sweet spot of "that might be fun to tank again" and "OMG EPICS GIVE GIVE GIVE!"

I have the rule too of no achievement-chasing on alts. I don't want them to burn me out. I figure I've either done the achievement on my main, in which case repetition is boring or I haven't, in which case I need to go back to my character screen.

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