End of Semster: Moving Out

| Saturday, May 16, 2009
The scene is me wandering to my parent's car which I borrowed, carrying my second to last load of stuff from my room. I hear a girl scream: "Kitten killer!" She has blue hair. She runs up and asks if I want a snowball. I ask why she has it and she responds that she's been saving it in her freezer since the winter. Her friend says it's too cold to make them in the winter. She hands it to me in a Ghirardelli chocolate bag and tells me to throw it at someone. Since my hands were full, she was not a convenient target.

I drop off my stuff in the car and head back towards the dorm. Along the way I see a friend of mine, one who might be understanding of a snowball in spring. I am tempted to throw it at her, but realize that it's about 50% solid ice, so I just toss it at her feet. After questioning its origins, we decide to play catch with it, along with a friend of hers. So there we are, playing catch with a ball of ice while parents and students are stumbling by with giant boxes and push carts.

I got home and my mom told me it was her birthday. This caught me by surprise because I don't remember things such as birthdays, or anything else. I made dinner, she seemed to like it. Apparently I know how to cook fluffy rice.


Fish said...

I too have forgotten my moms bday. I know exactly when the date is (nov 21st), but I have a tendency to forget when it's actually that date.

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