People who don't get it

| Thursday, December 11, 2008
It's about 1am here. I have two finals tomorrow. All of finals week quiet hours are 12-8.

The person in the next room over was playing some poppish 90s music. Loudly. And singing along. Badly.

So I put on a shirt and ask him to quiet down. He says he'll put on headphones. Fine, that works.

He's still singing. Badly.

I'd go over there again, but I hate being the person always asking people to lower music. Also his room smells amazingly bad and when he opens his door it makes me want to throw up.

I had my first time in new Naxx today. My guild needed a tank, so I hopped in for Loatheb and was the off-tank, and unnecessary. I'd have stayed for the death knight wing at least, but my friend needed help with a presentation. So I watched season 2 of Red vs. Blue with him and from that he derived all the needed inspiration to talk about artistic creativity and cognition with regards to a painting machine/computer (robot?).

I might not go ret any time soon. Prot and holy might be my specs, since it's so easy to get groups and prot is okay at soloing, at least it's not holy.


Fish said...

When I was in dorms I was surrounded by football players who liked to listen to crappy hip hop music.

I would blast metal and that was their cue to turn down the offending music. Ah, good times, good times lol

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