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| Sunday, December 28, 2008
I really like how after Witnergrasp people don't all vanish. When a BG ends, it empties out in seconds. After capturing or defending, people tend to stick around for a few minutes to turn in quests, buy new loot, or start raids. Sometimes people celebrate a little. It makes it feel like we actually captured something. I suppose it helps that we do, at least for the next few hours.

Dalaran is compact, so it seems like a busy city. Shattrath was huge and the player population couldn't really fill it, so we ended up with tons of NPCs. Dalaran has no shouting Draenei.

NPCs fly in and out of Dalaran, again making it feel like a busy place, but without adding a ton of useless NPCs everywhere.

Holy shock lists friendly and enemy cast ranges.


Green Armadillo said...

I do like that Wintergrasp doesn't clear out. It's also interesting because it's probably the one time I actually behave realistically with my character - if we're fighting in the orb room and it's clear that the enemy will win any second, I'll be sure to keep my eye on that portal so I can escape to the safety of Dalaran should the keep fall.

As to Dalaran, well, the thing that irritates me about the city is the lag. I'm running a very good graphics card in terms of what WoW requires (8800 GTX), I never had problems in Shattrath, and I was fine in Dalaran during the Wrath beta. Dalaran on the live servers, though? I sometimes physically fly there instead of casting my teleport just so I won't have to sit and wait for the city to load in. I'd rather live in a ghost town full of disembodied smiley faces. (It will, at least, be more city-like if the next expansion leaves it behind in the dust, but that's 2010's problem.)

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