Of the Day's Annoyances

| Wednesday, December 17, 2008
That Jabba the Hutt still lives. Oh, sorry, wrong universe.

Heroic Oculus: The whelps at the start are a pain to tank. They're spread out casters with no useful LoS. I have to start the pull by running around whacking them to get aggro. It's dumb.

I want to be able to kick people from heroics and have them OUT. Warlocks should not be rolling against resto druids for mana/5 trinkets.

I want dual-specs already. In fact, I want specs equal to the number of class roles plus one. Warlocks, magi, rogues, and hunters get two. Warriors, DKs, and shamans get three. Paladins and druids get four. This way everyone can fill their PvE roles and have a PvP spec. Also I want a free respec when this happens because my prot spec is messed up.

Give an option to disable DK emotes. I dislike the male belf laugh. It's even worse as a death knight.

Make druids be cool again. I used to like them. They were fun people. Now I despise them. I blame arenas and flight form not acting like a mount. It's ridiculous that druids can hit PvP objectives without dismounting and flee at the slightest sign of trouble.

Fix the judgement bug. Increase the durations too.

Let me use SotR while silenced.

Remove the cast time on LoH. I mean fix the server lag.


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