Epic drops from Teldrassil

| Thursday, December 25, 2008
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Mine was fun. My brother and his wife gave me the War of Ancients trilogy. My parents gave me an ice cream maker. I suspect they are trying to kill me by tricking me into freezing myself to death. I received other presents as well, but I've decided that my present for you: people that pretend to read my posts; will be a post that can be read before you forget the point, and I can also write it before then.

If you're a Christian, congratulations on the arbitrary birthday of your Savior. If you're not, have a good day anyway. Why not join in the fun a bit?

If you hate the commercialization of Christmas, good for you. If you hate Santa, die in a fi... snow bank.

And on that happy, hateful note, Merry Christmas!


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