I Hate Oculus

| Sunday, December 28, 2008
It's a cool place. I like the drake idea. It just doesn't work.

The last boss doesn't seem especially hard to me, but there's no way to compensate for noobs through either gear, CC, or picking up slack. This means that either everyone plays properly (good luck with a PUG) or you fail over and over until the trash repops and everyone leaves.

Maybe people can offer some advice and check if my general strategy makes sense.

Red: Tank. Keep up martyr, giving it favor on the GCD. Focus on whelps since the flame jumps and multiplies.
Green: Healer. Transfer health to the tank (red) and regen with the leeching poison.
Amber: DPS. Use the channeled spell to stack charged, then burn them. Use time stop during the enrage, indicated by the shout.

When orbs, come, everyone scatters and then when they're about to end, regroup on top of the boss so martyr can hit everyone again. Maybe a better method would be to have everyone follow the leader in a circle, but the general idea is that people avoid orbs and are close together when that phase ends.

Is there something else I should know? It just seems like Oculus means a slightly challenging run to the last boss, then an hour of wiping before the trash respawns.

In unrelated news, I get annoyed when I see tanks skip stamina bonuses to stack... stamina gems. It's a waste of a free stat just to gimp their avoidance in order to boost a single number.

Ever more unrelated, I'm really having fun figuring things out with my DK. Now it's looking like I should be using my converted blood->death runes as blood runes for Blood Strike rather than always using the converted runes for Scourge Strike. The damage per strike is lower, but it costs half as much and it ensures that the blood stay converted, so I always have free frost or unholy for refreshing diseases or corpse explosion.


Chris said...

1 Red, 2 Amber 2 Green.

Red: Use ability 3 every 10s, hit 2 when you can. Target 1 through the boss (its the lowest damage, but kills the whelps fastest, you don't want the extra damage).

Amber: Alternate timestops on the enrages. 1 Channels the ability while the other fires (10 stacks), then the other channels and the first blows (should auto-generate 10 stacks), and repeat.

Green: Dot Boss + heal red. Heal amber during run away. Use 3 when up, red should be kept above 40,000 at all times otherwise you can run out of time to heal.

Key is green really, you can do this fight with 2 green dragons up (I kept the fight going for 15 mins as a single green). Key if you aren't kiting is getting red to hit the button right, and greens doing their jobs.

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