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| Thursday, December 18, 2008
I think my death knight may be finished. It's not the class or spec. Unholy has been fun. I really like corpse explosion. It fills me with a joy that I've not felt since I first AoE tanked SH and watched the pop pop pop of seed of corruption.

The problem is Outland. I'm sick of it. I want to punch Hellfire Peninsula in the face. Or better, kick it, because I'm not very good at punching. If I could at least get to Nagrand or try some instances it might be okay. I'll probably push my way up through the levels eventually, but I don't anticipate a quick process. Once we have Wintergrasp back I'll get the heirloom shoulders. Those will help my warrior and DK, so the investment isn't too bad. Besides, what else would I spend the tokens on?

Recently I got an answer to my question: "What happens if two people are grouped up and in different phases?" It turns out they can't see each other. This made for an interesting challenge when trying to guide a friend to a quest mob in Icecrown. This also explains why Icecrown felt so empty, lots of the people were in other phases. I wonder how this affects mobs and skinning. For mining I've actually run into nodes being mined by someone else. At first I thought it was just lag, but repeated "already in use" and nodes with a single tap on them seem like pretty convincing evidence.

Championing hasn't turned out like I expected. I thought it would be a flexible way to gain rep with whoever I wanted. I was wrong. See, I didn't think it through fully. I never thought of all the times I did an instance and got no rep because I was already exalted. I didn't realize the speed of rep gain caused by concentrating the gains, instead of three instances going to three factions, or maybe none, instead three instances go to one faction. Rep overall might also be slightly buffed, since I seem to be getting 1.5-2k per heroic, which feels high. I will be surprised if championing doesn't turn out to be one of the biggest and best changes in WotLK, though obviously beaten by phasing.

Back to my DK and unholy, I finally see the point of Reaping: More unholy runes mean more corpse explosions. This maybe be the second greatest talent ever, second only to corpse explosion.


Kiryn said...

I really don't like how they send Death Knights to Outland as soon as they're done with their quest chain. It clashes really badly with the entire introductory storyline set up for them.

"I'm fighting free of the Lich King's control and now I want to help you guys fight him!"

"That's great, but first go wander around on this other planet and fight demons for a while, 'kay?"

I can understand for gameplay and server stability reasons why they didn't want death knights launching themselves straight at Northrend right away, but it's really jarring from a characterization standpoint. I don't really know what my death knight's "motivation" is right now as a character, hence I'm not really all that motivated to play her.

Maybe if they'd at least tried to connect the death knights to Outland somehow, giving SOME lore reason as to why I'm puttering around uselessly there when the real battle is happening somewhere else, it wouldn't have been so bad.

Fish said...

I guess it depends on your frame of referrence, you do seem to have a number of alts, so you've probably run outlands a LOT. I haven't done it enough to get burnt out on it. I have read a lot about unholy and I have somewhat questioned my decision to go blood, I love regeneration, but I love AOE, I'm so torn!

Klepsacovic said...

Somehow I didn't realize the ridiculousness of sending DKs to Outland right away. It really doesn't make much sense. Of course I've thought for a while that the entire invasion made no sense.

DKs should get a XP boost from quests in the Plaguelands to get the gain on par with Outland. It makes sense that they'd be fighting there.

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