I guess that's karma?

| Sunday, December 21, 2008
My crime:
My DK is in ramparts to get the quest done. The first boss dies and someone in the group says "that's mine" and tells us to give it to him. Now I'm normally the sort that let's people get stuff if it's not much of an upgrade to me. If he had said "mind if I need that?" I'd have definitely passed. But no, he didnb't say that. So, I needed. It was an upgrade, just not a major one. I won and he went apeshit, calling me all sorts of names, some more offensive than others. Supposedly he'd been running ramparts for a month for the sword. That didn't make much sense.

My punishment:
Heroic Azjol'Nerub.
I decided to try the achievement and mentioned it to the group. Now I can't remember the order, but near the pull, either directly before or after, I said to not kill the watchers. Then I said it some more during the fight since the mage was nuking a watcher down hard and kills it. We eventually reset it and I try to figure out what was wrong with the mage. He says I didn't say it ahead of time and he doesn't read chat during fights. So, I kicked him for being an idiot, both for not paying attention and for arguing when clearly I am right (isn't that a given?).

He pulls the watchers again and tries to wipe us. I had partially anticipated this and was out of combat and quickly ran away, so all that happened was a perfectly innocent group member got killed.

Right, the punishment. We get a new mage and killed the boss with little difficulty. We then wipe during the event for the next boss. He leaves for a guild run. But the punishment part...

We get another mage and kill the boss. In the process he barely does any damage due to being perpetually OOM. The warrior dies because he stood in a poison cloud. I did not see him even turn on auto-attack. The boss died and the stam trinket drops. As far as I know, this is the highest stam trinket in the game. Tank trinket, right? The mage rolls need, He doesn't ask before or even say anything until we call him out on it. Apparently it's a mage PvP trinket. I lost the roll, kicked him, called him something mean but not offensive, and then ignored him.

I set master looter for the last boss. The plate healing wrists dropped, which would have been a huge upgrade for me. Holy will probably be my second spec. I gave them to the holy paladin after asking to make sure he wanted them.

So, my paranoia is all set. I probably won't stop pugging, since my guild isn't exactly huge and constantly ready for heroics. But I will have ML on set to blue. It pisses me off that I'm doing that again. I just want to run instances and see what I can get, have some fun, not deal with inconsiderate noobs that can't see past their own screens to see that they aren't in a single-player game where they get to grab everything.

On a related subject, they need to fix mob movement. It's really messed up and it's getting people killed. During one of our failed attempts at the last boss he popped up, looked at me, and then, targeting no one, ran to the other side and pounded the warlock and holy paladin. We wiped. This isn't an isolated incident. Mobs in general have been moving strangely. When I tried heroic HoL, Loken took forever, partially because it was almost impossible to get him to stand in the right spot. So, he'd end up sometimes slightly too close or too far and in general I was distracted by the annoyance of fixing his location. Eventually he died, but it took longer than it should have because of that. Oh, and mobs are still chasing pets across the map, which almost got my DK killed today if not for a prot paladin that happened to wander by.


WTFspaghetti said...

That would piss me off too. I hate people that freak out about loot, your ramparts story, and I absolutely hate ignorant people, your horrible mage stories.

If you are the tank, and a tanking item drops. The tank gets first dips on it...ALWAYS. Same goes for the healer, if a healing piece drops...Healer should get first dips. However, what that mage did to you was just crazy...what a bastard.

I am like you, I can't stop pugging because my guild isn't to that point yet. Just have to suck it up.../sadpanda

Andrew said...

I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to doing instances, my guild is not there either, so pugging is the only way to go. sometimes people just don't understand the rules of engagement. Sad thing they not that hard to understand.

I tanked an instance the other day, just get annoyed when group member runs off and starts attacking mobs. I do what you do, just retreat and let them die

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