Battle for Dalaran?

| Saturday, December 6, 2008
On the general forum it was pointed out that Dalaran has a grey tower. This is the same symbol used for towers in EPL and the Bone Wastes. Does this mean that Dalaran could be a potential capturable city?

Probably not. It's probably just a way to mark the location of the city and it is grey because that is neutral. But... what if it could be captured?

I can see it now.

Epic battles in the streets. Mages and warlocks from both sides throwing spells at each other from the tops of the towers. A rogue sneaks up and pushes one off. The city itself shakes from the noise.

It looks to be almost even. Then the Horde gains a slight advantage. But no, it was only a trap. The Alliance manages to capture the tower through which the levitating magic of the city is controlled. Now they effectively control the city since they can also selectively levitate anything within it. Once they figure it out, they can start throwing the entire Horde army over the edge and remove all competition.

In the confusion a lone male runs forward to guide the city/fortress. He grabs the controls and...

There is a flash. A roar. A crash. Screaming fills the air, then goes silent. Only a few moaning voices remain.

Old hatreds are forgotten as all races work together to pull each other from the rubble.

Then there is an uproar. A draenei woman shouts at her husband: "What have I told you about flying? DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!"


Unknown said...

I enjoyed the punchline at the end, sadly I don't think anyone who hasn't played a Draenei or been around one that does silly emotes a lot will get it.

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