Nerf paladins

| Sunday, December 7, 2008
See the address name of this blog? Troll shaman. That's the original WoW me. I've not seriously played said shaman in at least a year. This is the shaman that I lost after my original account was locked. No questions. I remade it. Everything, almost, was the same. I think the hair ended up slightly different. Also I leveled better. But the intention was the recreation of what I lost.

I lost my shaman again, to something called a paladin.

What happened? The current answer would involve flexibility and the joys of tanking. I can do anything. Tanking, DPS, healing. My shaman can't tank. DPS are a dime a dozen. I find healing stressful or boring, with very little middle ground. In other words my shaman is either unwanted by me or by groups. My paladin is always wanted.

Tanking, it is a joy that cannot be described. They call sheep CC, crowd control. Ha. I am crowd control. I go into a crowd and I control it. No silly AoE or heartbeat resists will interfere. I control my group. I decide if they live. Oh, you think the healer does? Let me introduce you to a joy specific to paladins: bubble-hearthing. Oh, I rarely do it, but the knowledge is there: I can cause their deaths with no reciprocation. Or they can do it to themselves. Ever seen what happens to a clothy that pulls and I suddenly become a pacifist? Never again will you see such death and violence caused by pacifism.

So, my paladin killed my shaman. I want to play my shaman again, but he's crap. Nerf paladins, save the shaman.


Kiryn said...

"I am crowd control. I go into a crowd and I control it."

Damn. My fiance and I are probably going to be quoting this to each other for months. He plays a prot pally too and agrees with this statement completely.

WTFspaghetti said...

I am like you, I have a shaman and a paladin.

I must say though...I agree that healing is stressful, but I love it too much. Hopefully they will pally healers wont take my spot in raids because then I will say nerf those bastards!

Fish said...

ya! And no need to leave totems lying all over the place, sword, shield and holy wrath!!

LOL I am going to have to steal that crowd control line. . .

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