Why the Goblin will be a Socialist

| Tuesday, March 29, 2011
What was the defining aspect of Stalin? Socialism? Wrong. Socialism is a system and for him, a tool. Instead the defining element is who he was, that is, a self-obsessed, heartless individual who regarded others as tools, means to ends, specifically, his ends.

Manipulating the system, any system, to gain for oneself regardless of how it harms others? Sound familiar? Yep, that's Applied Goblinism for you.

All systems can be abused and twisted, so we must not let down our guard, because that is when the sociopaths come out. The ecoterrorist, the Taliban, the goblin, none of them care about you, only their fanatical beliefs, and whether that is worship of nature, Allah, or their own egos, the unifying element is a belief that humanity has no value by itself.


Nils said...

Are you trying propaganda? If there is any religion out there that tells you that you are guilty and have no value, it is christianity ..

Also, I doubt the Taliban (as if there were 'the taliban') don't value humanity. That's like saying suicide bombers are cowards, but soldiers that knowingly walk into death to accomplish a mission of polital importance are heroes.

If you dehumanize your opponent you prevent yourself from understanding him. And only by understanding your oppnent can you defeat him.

(Unless you want to kill him and all potential supporters - Dschingis Khan used this method to conquer what would later become Afganisthan.)

Klepsacovic said...

I addressed most of that in my earlier post, Zombie Culture. "A zombie is most simply described as a human which no longer defines itself as part of humanity. ... We could apply this to real life, identifying those groups of humans who consider themselves to in some way be superior to the point of separation."

Klepsacovic said...

AS for the need to understand an opponent to defeat it, as I've seen it, bullets are quite effective and rarely require much understanding beyond "blood loss makes them die."

Nils said...

I already wrote: You can mow them all down or nuke them into hell.
Contrary to what many people say, this is indeed a solution. In fact, it could safe more lifes than 100 years of anti-terror war. And I am serious ;)

Max said...

the unifying element is a belief that humanity has no value by itself.

And you I take it humano-extremist? -Dogmatic belief that humanity are more valuable than anything else :)

p.s. Stalin was paranoid power monger. Nothing ever mattered to him except his own power. Not the country not the people. At least Hitler genuinely cared about Germany

Nils said...

At least Hitler genuinely cared about Germany

Well, only the part of Germany that was "German enough" :)

Klepsacovic said...

@Max: I'd go with humano-extremism, except I have an extreme hatred of extremes because I love shades of grey because I believe only they offer the one, true path to truth.

@Nils: Clearly that makes Hitler a zombie.

Nils said...

I fear I missed this whole zombie stuff ;)

Nils said...

Ah - sorry for spamming, but have a read, if you like ;)

Klepsacovic said...


Buboe said...


how do you spell goblin?

Klepsacovic said...


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