I need some dream analysis, stat!

| Wednesday, March 30, 2011
The first one is pretty obvious: my brother was playing around and set an electrical box on fire, thereby knocking out power to everything nearby. Yesterday a breaker at his house tripped so he had to reset it and in the past he's had a habit of angering/worrying me with antics. Simple enough.

Second one was much stranger. Obama lost in 2012 to a total out-of-nowhere candidate: George W. Bush. Yes, the previous president who has already done the legal limit of two terms. Hence out of nowhere. We didn't even know he was in the race, so I'm not sure how anyone even knew to vote for him. All in all, quite the surprise. But the bigger surprise was that I didn't seem to care much. Now that one has me all confused.

Am I worried about Jeb Bush? That can't be, since as I remember he's said he's not considering running before 2016. Maybe it's something far more sinister. Maybe Obama is acting a lot like our previous president, to the point that 2012 would be a win for President Bush rather than Senator Obama. Sorta makes me miss the good old days before he was sworn in and had no record to criticize.


Nils said...

Civil rights excluded, I think you have one of the best presidents possible right now.

Josef Joffe writes
Future historians will not accuse Mr. Obama of woolly-eyed idealism. They might even praise him for his cold-blooded realism that put an end to hype and hypocrisy.

Issy said...

Count yourself lucky. I dreamed that I won a date with the celebrity of my choice... and picked Simon Cowell.

Evrett said...

I think you are bring too literal

Obama is an authority figure.. MAybe your (older?) brother is as well. I would say you are either stressing about a new project/responcibility or you feel there is a recent absence of direction or guidance in your life

Chris said...

A day before my wedding (Last Thursday! :D) I dreamt that my fiance/wife had picked out a jet black wedding dress. Talk about foreboding dreams.

Klepsacovic said...

@Nils: We could use a bit more Roosevelt.

@Josef: The problem is that his current realism mixed with his past idealism makes him look hypocritical.

@Issy: So what's the problem? He's clearly your celebrity of choice.

@Evrett: But then what is W?

@Chris: Congratulations! I mean the wedding, not the dream.

Nils said...

I think US citizens have somehow tried so desperately to put Mr. Obama into little schemes that they were unable to see who stood before them.

Somebody who has grand visions when appropiate (a world free of nuclear weapons, independence from oil, health care, fiunancial reform)

And somebody who is a cold-blooded realist when it comes to get things done. That's how he got health care done, financial reform done, stopped the iraq war, managed to fire missles on an arabien country with arab leaders supporting him!! ..

Within just a few weeks this adminstration managed to prevent a maassacer in Lybia. When has something like that been done so fast? Clinton required a year to stop the massacres in Bosnia!

But somehow it is never enough. He is sabotaged by the entire country by closing down Guantanamo and then he gets blamed for it. absurd.

Issy said...

*pokes tongue out at Klep*
Your dream probably means that you're in for a surprise.. maybe a visit from someone in your past.. and they don't bring cake with them :P *looks all sage*

Nerokis said...


In terms of gay rights, at least, Obama has been quite good: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2011/03/28/it-gets-better-with-green-cards

Klepsacovic said...

@Nils: We do still a strangely high number of "non-combat troops" in Iraq for being a finished war.

@Issy: While I have had a few of what I swear are precog experiences, I can never seem to predict them, making them entirely useless. Though a lack of cake seems pretty reliable.

Tesh said...

Considering Obama's thoughts on energy, I'm not impressed:


As for dreams, though, not caring isn't a big surprise. The presentation is different, but the policies between the two presidents have more parallels than one might think from the bitter partisan rhetoric.

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