Ants cannot comprehend the horror which is a boot

| Friday, March 11, 2011
Deathwing is lame. Okay? He's lame. More specifically, his "I set the zone on fire" move is lame.

"Things are red. I guess I'm going to have to run to my body soon."

That's it. That is the entire event. Okay there are also the flames, which lose their effect when a mob wanders through one.

It is pretty impressive to fly over and set an entire zone on fire, instantly killing all the otherwise brave and powerful adventurers. But we're ants and he's a boot. We can't quite comprehend it.

Frankly I find it impersonal. Which yes, that makes sense from Deathwing's perspective, since we are ants after all. But maybe the devs could have done it differently.

How about have him personally torch a town and let some minions handle the rest of the zone, so we can all get personally clawed and burned?

One of my professors liked to say "everyone is the hero of their own story", his idea being that everyone thinks they have something worth saying, so it's good for morale to listen (it was a leadership class), but he clearly had not every played WoW. We're not really the heroes. Oh we get cursory applause, but ultimately we know we're just generic unnamed people who cannot even be personally slaughtered by the evil madness of the Black Dragonflight.


*vlad* said...

We are not scared of Deathwing, because we have died a hundred/thousand times before. Death from Deathwing holds no horror other than having to wait to resurrect.

Tesh said...

Ah, but we get an achievement for getting burned thusly. Ants don't get that.

Klepsacovic said...

@vlad: Good point. Permadeath!

@Tesh: We don't actually know that. Lack of evidence isn't evidence of... lack? My point is that if God exists, then ants get achievements.

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