Why did WoW PvP make me swear so much?

| Wednesday, March 2, 2011
I really can't explain it. In PvE I would of course swear constantly, but it was of a frustrated muttering sort. I would get annoyed but rarely truly angry. Somehow PvP always made me mad. Well, unless I won, then it was nice, but even then I'd find something to swear about.

I can't say it's the PvP aspect, since TF2 doesn't make me swear quite so much. Or when I'd play Mt:G against friends, almost no swearing at all.

I can't blame it on people being stupid either, since a stupid PUG can be just as stupid and probably more of a waste of time; at least when BG dummies zerg the farm-BS bridge I can get honor.

Based on analysis of my profanity, finding patterns in it, I can only conclude that most PvP is, quote, "fucking bullshit I mean what the fuck is this shit?" Let's break that down: I claim that it is fucking bullshit but then I question what the shit is. This leads me to conclude that I actually understand PvP perfectly and have nearly unlimited potential in it, but that some sort of mental barrier is holding me back and I am expressing frustration at this limit.

There are only two possible explanations.
1) The CIA knew that I would be dangerously dominant in PvP and used advanced brainwashing techniques to block my skills, but then to cover it up made me a softy leftist liberal, which also provides a convenient cover for them to kidnap and kill me.
2) I'm actually just really bad at PvP.

Obviously the second one is a useless oversimplification, leading to the only logical explanation: I am a chained PvP god.

P.S. Burn this post after reading it and oh my god they're right behind you.


Issy said...

Stranger things have been known *bows to the chained god of pvp* :P

Anonymous said...

Is why I don't pvp. Killing internet dragons makes me happy, failing to kill them makes me annoyed and looking for a way to get better. Fighting other players just makes me angry, no matter how well I'm doing. Is all unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

I think the difference between WoW PvP and TF2 is how invested you are in your avatar. You've spent all this time levelling and gearing up your avatar just so you can engage in a conflict where gear is oftentimes more important than skill. And I don't know about you, but I had the feeling that somebody else always had better gear than me. I haven't played TF2 since the mann co. bullshit, so I don't know if any of the items you can buy or make are just cosmetic or can affect the outcome of a match, but in TF2, if you could click on their head before they clicked on yours, you won. That was considered skill.

Basically, no matter how good you are at WoW, you can still lose. If you're pugging a bg, you can almost always expect to be facing people with dedicated healers. You are told that if you pvp, you'll be able to buy gear which will make you better at pvp to the point of eventually enjoying it, but what's the point of doing something you hate repetitively so that one day, you might enjoy it?

I liked TF2 right off the bat, I didn't have to invest precious time into it with the hope that one day I would like it.

Klepsacovic said...

The spies do get a better cloak, which in my experience is close to essential, but I'm not sure that even requires playing a spy and it's pretty quick to get. But that's just picking at straws, I agree with your general point, that it feels like a much more even footing.

Kammler said...

"but what's the point of doing something you hate repetitively so that one day, you might enjoy it? "

That sums up my first wife's feelings about oral sex.

Hence the title "my first wife".

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