What Happened On Whiny Post Day:

| Monday, March 28, 2011
There was whining, of course, but more shocking, some people didn't whine. Shame on them. SHAME.

You know who you are and if you're not bawling, screeching, obnoxiously, irritatingly whining next year, I'm going to... Uh. I'll whine about it some more.

Whiny Post Day: Confused Questgivers
You spelled my name wrong. But as for the actual content of the post: bad cooks are bad, but please be nice to us, we feel awful about it.

Murloc Parliament!
Whiny Post Day: It Should All Be Named After ME!
I do not approve of murloc domination. I prefer to be brutally oppressed by my own kind, thank you very much.
I think I missed last year's Terrestrial Ichthyological Discrimination

Specced for Drama!
Wine-y Post Day
Puns are not whiny, as much as we might all whine about them. Also, Klep is the sound of a one-legged horse and I am most certainly not the sound of a one-legged horse. Please refer to me by my full fake name.

Revive and Rejuvinate!
Whine Time
Six months of no raiding? Whatever. Back in my day we didn't raid for six months, or six months, no one raided because back in my day we all sucked too much to raid and dammit, did we whine about it? Well, yes, we did, constantly, and then it all kinda went downhill.

You Yank It, You Tank It!
I’ll Wipe to Prove a Point or Why I Probably Shouldn’t Heal
An elitist tank recognizing that healing could be trouble. I agree completely. Healing is scary.

Mysterious Buttons!
Whine, whinge, moan
"Why is it whiny post day when I’m in the middle of writing a “you’re all whining unnecessarily, everything’s lovely and shiny and the dungeon finder introduces me to wonderful people” post? Way to completely kill my flow." Now you're getting the idea.

If I missed your whine, please link it and I'll add it in. I'd hate to leave anyone out of this once-a-year glorious festival of unwarranted negativity.

And for the ones that I forgot because I'm bad.

Priest With A Cause
Whiny Post Day: Let me 'ave 'em!
Impatience (wah wah wah I have to run the instance all over again) poorly disguised as patience (I stayed for the whole run).


Issy said...

I'm sorry, I have no excuse.. I should totally have followed your advice ;)

I eventually ranted a bit, but 10 days too late :)

Next year I shall whine with bells on!

Dwism said...

Fekk, I forgot...again.

Shintar said...

You forgot to include my whine! Though I know that you read it because you commented. :]

Syl said...

I missed this...but then, really half of all my posts apply IMO! =P

Klepsacovic said...

@Issy: Most worn bells are just scraps of shaped metal which do not ring in the slightest. I do not approve. However, if you instead have a cow bell...


@Shintar: Oops. Somehow I forgot to add that to my bookmark folder labeled "whiny posts."

@Syl: Meaning a 50-50 chance. Shroedinger's whine?

Issy said...

Heh, I don't need bells to be a cow :P You seem to have a lot of experience with worn bells though.. care to share? ;)

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