It's time to end all unions

| Saturday, March 12, 2011
And I mean all. Not just labor unions. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. Did you know that while only a bit under 12% of workers are unionized, nearly 100% of jobs are? It's true. There are some job unions of hundreds, even thousands, hundreds of thousands!

It's time to end this.

I propose that first, all labor unions be banned, and criminalized. Why should people get to 'collectively bargain', also known as exploit and extort? Similarly, I propose that all job unions be banned and criminalized. One man, one job.

If workers want to 'organize', they can do it on their own. Let market forces dictate their wages and conditions. Similarly, let no person, whether real or corporation, control more than one job, excluding one's own. In other words, anyone can hire one other person and no more than that. To do so would give them a disproportionate and anti-market influence over the job market. Instead, let the market dictate wages, conditions, and employment levels.

At first glance this would seem to go against the first amendment right to assemble. But that's only because of liberal activist judges. Obviously having been written during a time of industrial expansion "right to assemble" refers to the right to assemble products. Far from being a "go ahead" to anti-market unions, it is in fact a right-to-work clause.

Given this new understanding, we can see a clear path ahead. With assemble no longer referring to groups of people, the Wisconsin legislature can be eliminated entirely in favor of the will of the governor. That means unions can be crippled and protesters ignored, perhaps arrested. Of course this could cause problems for his benefactors, the Koch brothers, since they have done quite well with their own job unions, but I'm sure they can pay bail. Since the collapsed right to assemble contradicts the notion of a jury of peers, they can simply be charged a small fine annually for their persistent violation of anti-union laws. That fine can of course be deducted from energy subsidies, so they'll be alright.

My point is this: cooperation is socialism and we must work together to end it.


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