Whining about my many Pet Peeves

| Thursday, March 17, 2011
I don't like that I don't know the rules for capitalization in titles. I don't care enough to fix this.

I don't like starting every sentence with the same word or phrase, such as "I don't like", so let's pretend that I'm doing that.

Somehow people can simultaneous think that the unguided free market is perfect but unguided evolution? Impossible! On the flip side, people think the unguided market will be perfect, despite obviously not being so, especially when my previous evolution analogy points out that evolution isn't perfect either.

Intelligent design. Just call it what it is: Creationism. Or alternatively, admit that you are too damn stupid to figure out intermediate steps and quit pretending that "irreducible complexity" means something. There is only one piece of evidence for intelligent design and it is the banana, a nutritious and delicious fruit, individually wrapped in biodegradable packaging, which is not irreducibly complex, but it is statistically unlikely to be so convenient.

Typos when I'm calling people stupid.

Organic all natural food with no preservatives... packaged in absolutely non-biodegradable plastic which is probably giving off what we will eventually discover is a carcinogen.

Organic food nuts who oppose genetic engineering. Let's see... what's the best way to reduce the need for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, while increasing yields so we don't need to plow over so much land? GM! We've been doing this for years, just indirectly, where we had LESS control over the result. Do you think corn was naturally a gigantic thing with huge seeds in convenient eating form? Do you think wheat, unlike any wild grass, somehow naturally evolved to not drop its seeds at the slightest wind? No! We made all of this. Cats, dogs, food crops, pigs, cattle, chickens, we made these. Of course we should make sure that GM foods are safe, just like we should do we anything that we're mass-producing.

"Kill them all and let God sort them out." Somehow people who say this always resist me murdering them. It's weird, almost as if it's some sort of double standard. Or not a standard at all, just stupidity.

Jobs. How long before jobs become an utterly meaningless word, just like freedom, terrorist, and America?

People who use socialist as a catch-all scary word. And then drive home on a public road, in a car with safety features mandated by government regulation, using gasoline which is only so freely available because of government action, at some point end up mentioning freedom which is only guaranteed by government, since it's pretty damn obvious that Mr. Gay Hater Bomb the Islams isn't going to be standing up for anyone's freedom, and will at some point tell someone to support the troops even though the military is one of the world's biggest socialist programs. Government-run, paid by taxes, with government equipment, technology, and land, to provide for a common benefit. And we built those public roads for the military too.

"Constitutionalists" who want to ban Sharia law. Two things. First, if people want to live by certain rules, that is their right. Second, it cannot be imposed by you thanks to the Constitution which despite your best effort to the contrary (We need the Ten Commandments in every courthouse! This is a Christian nation!), still establishes a separation of Church and State.

Elitists in video games. I get it, some players are better than others and no one wants to play with people worse than them. So what? It's a game, not life, not a job.

People who say "it's just a game" to justify being careless when playing with others or to attack gamers who care.

Gamers who don't want other people to call themselves gamers. Sorry, but your arbitrary standard doesn't trump their arbitrary standard.

People who think Gordon Gecko was the hero.

People who use "innovation" and "finances" in the same sentence. Ultimately it's all glorified spreadsheets and any attempt to argue otherwise is delusional, or intentional lying.

The Supreme Court. Corporations are not people. They do not deserve human rights of any sort. Not speech, not assembly, not unlimited political spending and lobbying. They do not even have the right to exist. They are not people and should not be extended human rights.

Ronald Reagan.

People who worship Ronald Reagan.

Jon Stewart. Admit it, you're doing news and you're doing journalism. I know it's useful to pretend you're doing nothing but comedy, helps to disarm guests and all that, but dammit, you know you're doing more than just comedy.

People who make pointlessly risky maneuvers in traffic. Such as racing around cars making left turns to make left turns in front of them. I pray that the baby on board sticker was not actually an indicator of there being a baby on board, not out of fear for the child's safety, but out of fear of them reproducing.

Prayer in schools. Excuse me, teacher, may I use my nap blanket as a prayer mat?

The changing of WoW from a game and world which I enjoyed, to a game which I don't enjoy much.

The obvious plot against Summer Glau. One season of Firefly? One movie? Ridiculous! I started watching the Sarah Conner Chronicles and there are not enough seasons of that either. This makes no sense.

The ultimate end of the universe as the very atoms lose integrity and decompose into a barely warmer than zero cloud of thinly dispersed particles and even our energy-based ancestors starve in the cold blackness, hugging the black holes for the last few bits of Hawking radiation before even they have evaporated and we're left with a thinly-spread little-more-than-nothing, until finally all life ends, only to be sent to Hell because ten million generations ago we got mixed up on the correct way to do the sign of the cross and have been pretty much fucked ever since.

Self-censorship. I fully recognize the need for it, since quite often when I re-read my writing I see that no sane person can respond to it. But it bugs me. It seems dishonest, as if I'm hiding. Then again, I doubt I'd want to fully know any of you and I'm certain that it is mutual, since people are such an awful mess once you dig a bit. Besides, a coating of peer pressure keeps the insanity in check.

Tamarind and Chastity's posts were always way too long, with the possible exception of Gerald posts.

If this reads like more of a rant than a whine, just imagine that a few topics in I've started shedding more than a few tears and my voice is getting high pitched and cracking now and then. After the postscript I go to weep in a corner.

P.S. Please send me a link to your whiny posts so I can post a link to all of them, since if there's one thing my readers really need, it's a gigantic assembly of whiny posts.


Zelmaru said...

Here's mine:


Amaranth said...

I'm not sure I did it right. Include this at your disgression.


P.S. I loved every one of your whines.

Shintar said...

It's sad how much easier it is to write a whiny post than a "proper" one...


enlynn said...

I'm whining today.


Thanks for sponsoring Whiny Post Day! I've enjoyed everyone's posts.

Tesh said...

OOps. I didn't whine, I bloviated on game design. Maybe I can just call it a whine, since I'll probably never see the game actually made? Or whining about how the Holy Trinity is too overused? Hmm... I'm sure it could be *read* as a whiny post in places. You just have to do it right.


Klepsacovic said...

Tesh, you're awful. Just terribly bad. It's shameful in fact.

Thank you for the links so far. I've really enjoyed, I mean I uh... well I read your whines.

Anonymous said...

Free Summer Glau!

theanorak said...

...with every purchase *snork*

Here's mine:

Angelya said...

Thanks, I needed a good whine. http://reviveandrejuvenate.blogspot.com/2011/03/whine-time.html

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on all points except GM food because:
1. monoculture is bad.
2. the very self interested companies behind many GM crops
3. the world already produces enough food - it more of a distribution problem

Klepsacovic said...

1. Diversity and GM aren't exclusive.
2. An inevitable problem which can be at least partially offset with regulation.
3. This is true, but more food will be needed as population grows, and besides, haves never like giving up what they have, even if it's just a lot of landfill filler.

Anonymous said...

"People who think Gordon Gecko was the hero."

Uh... he was, wasn't he? :P

Pathak said...

I don't like "^^ this".

But then again, "Tamarind and Chastity's posts were always way too long"
^^ this

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