The Liberal Left-Wing Media Fundraising Hypocrisy Conspiracy Plot

| Saturday, March 5, 2011
The other day I was doing my usual viewing of The Rachel Maddow Show as part of my intelligence-gathering operation. She is the definitive source on liberal lesbian leftist plots, what with being a liberal lesbian leftist plotter. As is typical, she ended her show with an outrageous attack on the patriot Newt Gingrich, suggesting that he never actually runs for anything to avoid campaign fund-raising laws. I say outrageous because what she considers a bad thing is actually a principled stand against government interference in elections for public office.

Absurd, right? Well of course, she is after all, a liberal lesbian leftist plotter, out to destroy the American Way. Earlier in the show she even tried to pretend that the American Way includes taxing the wealthy by using 'math' to show that 81% of Americans are in favor of taxing millionaires. Of course in her absurd misuse of statistics she leaves out the fact that the 19% of people polled were possibly millionaires and failed to proportionally increase the weight of their opinions. Hasn't she ever heard of voting with your wallet?

But hypocrisy is in the title and hypocrisy I must show you: commenting on the mugs they have at the show, the apparently perfectly normal mugs exept for the liberal branding, quote: "we should sell them." Now who's ripping off mindless followers for blatant financial gain while pretending to be political? Rachel Maddow: hypocrite. Also Newsweek reports that she has "17 mostly female staffers", which in context means that most of the 17 are female, not that there are staffers who are best described as "mostly female". My point is that that is rather suspicious.


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