Why I'm not commenting on your fascinating post

| Saturday, February 26, 2011
Sometimes I like to just stand to the side and watch and read. Not with popcorn; it's not a show, but with a notepad and pencil to catch all the interesting bits. For example, Psychochild's blog is often one to which I have no significant responses, but there's usually a good bit of discussion in the comments. Or lately a few of Tesh's posts, such as on balance, have gotten me thinking, but not saying.

It makes me wish there was a like, dislike, and "mutters thoughtfully" button on all posts.


Issy said...

I'm totally with you on the *mutters thoughtfully* button.
/makes a macro for
*Issy is pondering thoughfully in the background on your fascinating blog post*

Tesh said...

That would make for good feedback on my end, too. I think Spinks has something like that, actually, or at least the "like" button. Maybe it's a Wordpress thing I'm too lazy to set up.

...or maybe I'm just afraid of the more-likely "dislike" feedback. *shrug*

Oh, and thanks for the link! I'll heartily second Psychochild, though. He's way better than my blather anyway.

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