Have you done your raping for the week yet?

| Friday, February 11, 2011
Apparently video games cause rape and are corrupting the youth. Parents appear to have little influence in this matter.

Isn't FOX all about individuals taking responsibility for their own choices and letting the market decide? Or does that get thrown out when it gets in the way of fear mongering and culture wars?

I liked this part "Politicians were organizing efforts to address violent video games prior to the presidential election but got distracted by the election. It is time for senators and representatives to come back to the issue."

If only we didn't have so many elections the government could stick to the issues, such as telling us what to do.


Shannara said...

To answer your question, Nope! I'm not with the TSA!

Ratshag said...

"Or does that get thrown out when it gets in the way of fear mongering and culture wars?"

Of course it do. The hell planet you been livin' on the past five years?

Celendus said...

"I'm glad that videogames are responsible for the *negative* increase in rapes. I'd also like to thank bittorrent and internet porn."

Stabs said...

What is this thing that you Americans call "news". We have something we call news this side of the pond but it means something completely different.

Klepsacovic said...

News is written gossip and rumor of course, what else would it be?

Nils said...

They have Jon Steward. That makes up for it ;)

Reuben said...

I heard some Australian talkback radio last week, only to hear about how "gamers" will make the worst car drivers. Yeah, "gamers" for them were kids who hadn't got their drivers license yet, and were still playing Gran Turismo.

As for politicians getting easily distra.. ohh, shiney!

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