| Tuesday, February 22, 2011
No one hurt and no major damage, but damn is it loud.

In retrospect, we should have all been more aware of the implications of rain on a cold day. My friend was driving me home. First stop sign from his house, at the first major intersection, the car slides out. A car was coming on our left (near lane). My friend realizes that braking isn't fixing the problem and the opposite direction is all clear, so he tries to accelerate to get past the other car. It doesn't quite do the trick, but it does shift the impact from driver's side doors to the trunk, during a dead-on hit into a glance. We did about a quarter turn, ending up facing slightly off-angle for the other lane of traffic.

Despite my love of gaming, I really do prefer a boring life. I don't like when things happen. Not fun times. I ended up staying over at my friend's house, since I didn't feel comfortable asking for them to still drive me or for family to pick me up. I don't like couches and I don't like bitchy mothers* and I don't like TVs on when it is sleeping time. Also I don't like when I am just barely falling asleep and a cat walks across me.

After the accident we decided to get the car off to the side. With roads so icy, it made no sense to leave it in place. Sure it's best to have the scene untouched for cops to take pictures or whatever, but it just wasn't worth the risk of more accidents. We should have gone into the parking lot in the first place. Instead as we were waiting for police, another car hits the second car. Our car was Bad, second car is Red, third car is Blue. Blue bumps Red which bumps me and another friend. We decided to park in a nearby parking lot after that.

Then it's the waiting as we wait for the police who were in no rush at all, since they aren't any more immune to ice than we are. Meanwhile we talk things over with Red and Blue, finding that Red is from Europe and in what he described as a company car, but which was in his name. This led Mother to claim that he was lying to game the system, since foreigners always know our laws better than us when they come here, her thought being that it wasn't a 'company car' so he should have been keeping track of the insurance. I didn't have an opportunity to point out that frankly, since no one was hurt and nothing majorly damaged, he probably could have just left* and we'd have not even bothered to call it in. It was his idea to hang around.

I still can't get over how loud it is. I mean, it was essentially just a low speed bump. But bumps are loud!

I do not like interesting times.

Today's post was going to be about how WoW handles time, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

* I not usually a fan of bitch since it's innately sexist, but damn, I reserve that right in this case. At least I don't have to live there.

** I don't mean hit and run, just that we'd pull over, look at cars, agree that there's nothing major and it's not worth any paperwork, and both go along our way.


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