Things I forgot

| Tuesday, February 1, 2011
In the list of things that I forgot to save when I wiped my hard drive: add all my Minecraft worlds. Okay only one was really worthwhile. And it was a post-Soviet wasteland of craters and abandoned infrastructure, but hey it was MY post-Soviet wasteland of craters and abandoned infrastructure. But I did have a nice house. Very flammable, but nice.

All gone. GONE! Oh well.

At least now I can start over fresh with some new policies. Yes, policies. It's pretty obvious that the problem with the last attempt was a lack of regulation.

First rule: No more tunnel-based mining. Instead all mining will done by the safer method of mountain top removal. This will save on ladder, torch, and ridiculously long tram line costs, the last of which were so high that I needed to dig new mines just to have iron to dig the old mines, which of course needed iron for their tracks so a new mine and...

See why I ended up with a deconstructed and scarred world?


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