Notch announces plans for Minecraft MMO

| Thursday, February 10, 2011
After three weeks of following him with a microphone, the ever-reclusive Notch finally gave an official statement: "No. Stop following me."

Badgering him for more information he elaborated: "I have no plans. Turn your mic on, idiot."

I was then beaten senseless by a pair of thugs, no doubt paid for with his sudden fortune.


Shannara said...

How about again, but in english? :) The title contradicts the entry ;)

Celendus said...

This as known as the "Daily Mail" style of journalism.

Max said...

Ok is this supposed to be sarcasm lol? I am really interested if minecraft would become an MMO

Klepsacovic said...

It was meant to be a joke. I fear the delivery didn't go well.

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