A Heartwarming Story of Child Abuse

| Saturday, February 5, 2011
My brother took the opportunity to introduce my niece to snow. She's less than a year old and solidly in the "tries to eat everything" and "lacks the coordination to eat anything" phases. So he takes her outside to show her snow. She did the logical thing: grabbed a huge handful (in baby terms) of snow and tried to eat it. By tried to eat it I mean shoved it straight onto her face. She did not like that.

19 inches of snow is just about the perfect height for burying babies. Surprisingly, she did not seem to enjoy that much either.

Someday she will learn to channel her hatred of snow into understanding of how we're all not that different. Then she will know that she can annoy other people by throwing snow at them. Thankfully, I have better aim.


Anonymous said...

D'awwww. Cute.

boat donation said...

Beautiful story of yours. Increase child abuse awareness.

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